Produce is built up of 2 separate applications that work seamlessly together.


Plan and execute production orders, and track progress in real time

Key features

View production orders, and register work done and material usage

Key features

Prioritize, release and monitor production orders

  • Manage production orders and receive information on material and resource availability
  • Release production and monitor production progress
  • Get a clear overview of production orders with prioritization and sequence planning
Key features / manager

Get an overview of open production orders with priorities an progress.

Approve single or multiple production orders for production.

Track time receipts and material consumption and monitor missing or incorrect transactions.

Manage production order details, define instructions and assign documents and quality inspection plans to work stages. (coming soon)

Management of external work stages, creation of purchase orders with provision of materials and receipt of external work stages. (coming soon)

Prioritization of production orders to control the sequence and visibility on the shop floor terminal.

Real-time overview of production progress and notification of delays in material procurement and production process.


Start and stop operations and collect data on time and materials used

  • Get an overview of work stages for released production orders, with information about required materials and resources
  • Start and stop operations and collect time and material requirements in an efficient way
Key features / operator

Easy access for shop floor employees for a paperless collection of production data.

Access to instructions, quality checks and documents for individual work stages.

Start and stop of work stages with time receipt, material receipt and reporting of finished products.

Material selection via barcodes and scanner for batch or serial number items. (coming soon)

Overview of approved work stages with information on matieral availability and resources.

What is produce?
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Keep the overview

Prioritize your production orders to control the sequence and visibility on the shop floor terminal.

Paperless Production

Access instructions, documents, and quality checks and collect your production data paperless.

Real-time tracking

Monitor production progresses, check time and material costs, and complete the production order.

Plan, approve and track production steps

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