Supporting product development and production departments in launching new or evolving products, to get from idea to production quickly.

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A collaborative workflow between production management and the shop floor, for enabling production planning and understanding work done.

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Build consistent quality testing plans to measure the success of your production, the quality of your suppliers, and discover ways to improve.

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Every business role is unique - so why shouldn't your software be unique too?

Every manufacturing business, its departments and employees is unique, facing different tasks and challenges, so why force a solution on them that suits one better than the other?

By understanding each different role and their problems and needs, and adapting the interface to suit them, users can work in a way that fits their needs. Boyum Cloud transforms your ERP system into a modern application, providing a more fluid and more enjoyable user experience, so you can run your business more efficiently than ever before.

No more manual processes

When it comes to rethinking own business processes and moving away from common manual processes, digitalization can open up a wide range of opportunities.

Our mission is to break away from rigid, standardized applications and develop new role-based applications. This evolutionary process doesn’t completely change traditional business processes, but simply enriches them with new, best practice-oriented solutions. Boyum Cloud supports traditional manufacturers in their digital transformation as well as new generations of manufacturing companies, where digitization has already been embraced.

Get your work done faster and more efficiently

Developed with state-of-the-art technology, Boyum Cloud offers new and modern applications with an intuitive user interface. The modern look and feel, with its easy to use and stylish layout, ensures the best possible user experience and improves your employees’ productivity.

The vision for Boyum Cloud covers all areas of supply chain management for small and medium-sized enterprises and enables you to work in a more structured way, shifting your focus onto your goals.

Get up and running quickly

Boyum Cloud is certified for B1 Cloud Hosted by SAP. Our browser-based extensions for SAP Business One HANA are quick to set up yet comprehensive in functionality, so you don't have to waste time on IT.

Our approach

Best practice workflows

Integrated processes and best practice workflows for a fast and fluid way of working.

Role based

With modules tailored to specific business roles, employees only use what they need

User experience

Easy to use functions that are quick to set up and simple to adapt to changes in your business.


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